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Summer Road Work

August 10,2020

Curbing is underway on Sears Road as we prepare to re-pave Sears Road, Green Road, Michael Court, and Galveston Drive. We have been planning this project for over a year and have carefully budgeted and funded this undertaking. Large projects like this do not happen overnight— so much goes on behind the scenes before ground is broken. Thank you to our engineers and financial advisors for making this happen!

July 28, 2020

Work on the Merriewold Water Project is in full swing! We will also be starting work on Sears and Green Roads as soon as plans are finalized. We are also continuing to identify new and viable water sources.

June 19, 2020

As we enter Phase 3 of New York State on Pause, our office is fully staffed but is still closed to the public.  We are accepting water and sewer payments in the form of check or money order at the window and we are accepting credit card payments on our website.  Please call Village Hall if you need assistance.

Construction has begun on our new water filtration system!  Although the project will take a few months to complete, I am hopeful that the outcome will be worth the wait. I have included some pictures of progress thus far.  Our water department along with our engineers are actively seeking additional water sources for the village.  They are also rehabbing existing wells to increase water production. The village remains under water restrictions.  Please refrain from watering your lawn or garden and please do not fill your pool with village water.

Our Highway Department has been out trimming roadsides and intersections.  If you see a location where sight distance is impeded, please let us know at Village Hall.

I personally placed traffic calming devices throughout the village on some of our busier roadways.  We will be purchasing more in the future.  If residents are concerned with speeding or tampering with these devices, please contact Blooming Grove Police Department.  The safety and welfare of our citizens are of the utmost concern to all of us.

I encourage everyone to take pride in their property and to keep all lawns mowed and all garbage and recyclables in proper receptacles.  Again, any concerns, please call Village Hall or fill out an incident report on our website.

I am available for anyone who wishes to discuss any of the matters above or any other matters.

Please continue to be safe and stay healthy.

Mayor LoFranco


Effective, April 8, 2019
Residents will not be allowed to:
Water lawns, gardens, trees or shrubs with a sprinkler or irrigation system.
Wash down outdoor surfaces such as exterior sidewalks, driveways or walkways.
Use water for filling outdoor decorative features, fountains,
Residents running remote sprinklers or irrigation will be cited.
Residents may use hand-held watering containers (watering cans, buckets, etc.) to water plants, shrubs, flowers, containers, gardens and lawns. Watering is encouraged in the early morning or late at night is best to avoid any possible evaporation.
Residents may water during the following days:
Odd-numbered addresses, 7:00 am to 9:00 am or 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Tuesday and Thursday ONLY
Even-numbered addresses, 7:00 am to 9:00 am or 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, Monday and Wednesday ONLY
Residents are encouraged to use rain barrels, which collect rainwater and can be used for lawn watering, plant watering, and other garden needs.

Residents are strongly discouraged from planting new sod and are strongly encouraged to postpone planting of ALL new shrubs, flowers, trees, gardens and other landscaping until conditions subside. Aerating and overseeding of established/existing lawns is strongly discouraged. If residents have already seeded their lawns, they are allowed to water only on their designated day and hand water on other days. No exceptions will be made during restrictions.

Water runoff is strictly prohibited. This applies to both irrigation and hand watering. Watering pavement and sidewalks is a wasteful use of a precious resource during such a critical water shortage.

Residents applying for new hydrant water taking permits must apply for a variance from the water restrictions from the Village Board. Existing hydrant water taking permit holders may continue to draw water from designated locations.

Washing automobiles, boats, watercraft or other vehicles is prohibited during this water restriction.|

Pressure washing businesses that use their own water tank, with water supplied from an alternate source such as a well, may operate in the Village during this period. During this critical water shortage, customers are encouraged to postpone home improvement or other projects that may require pressure washing.

Residents should eliminate the use of water to maintain ornamental fountains, artificial waterfalls, reflection pools and decorative water bodies for aesthetic or scenic purposes, except for the minimum amount of make-up water necessary to support aquatic life.

Residents are not allowed to fill, Swimming pools, wading pools or hot tubs.
For questions about these STAGE 2 water restrictions, Village Residents may call Village Hall at (845) 782-2600. The mandatory water ban allows the Village to continue providing adequate water to all residents that receive municipal water. If demand increases substantially due to noncompliance with the guidelines, a total water ban may be implemented. Thank you for your participation in preserving this most precious and limited natural resource.

See Stage 2 water restrictions declaration pdf