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Village Office

The Village Office is home to the Village Clerk

the Village Treasurer

The Office of Village Clerk

The Office of Village Clerk is a diversified position with many duties and responsibilities. The Village Clerk is the legal custodian of all village records and is the Village’s Records Management Officer, responsible for the creation and maintenance of a comprehensive Records Management Program. The Village Clerk must also complete and accurately record the proceedings of each Village Board Meeting.

In addition, the Village Clerk serves as Registrar of Vital Statistics, recording and maintaining files on all births and deaths; and Records Access Officer, the officer who accepts and processes FOIL (Freedom of Information) Requests. She is also a Notary Public. The Clerk is the face of the Village, as she handles the day-to-day operation of Village Hall and coordinates the scheduling for the Water, Sewer, and Planning Department.

Items and services available at the Village Clerk’s office include:
Licenses and permits, including live and amplified sound permits, peddlers licenses, driveway permits, alarm permits, and road-opening permits.

Office of the Village Treasurer

The Village Treasurer is the administrator of all Village matters relating to finance. The Village Treasurer ensures the fiscal integrity of the Village of South Blooming Grove by maintaining all financial records and collecting, investing, and disbursing all Village funds.

The Treasurer’s Office maintains custody of all Village funds and keeps an account of all Village receipts and expenditures in compliance with the uniform system of accounts issued by the Office of the State Comptroller.

The Treasurer’s Office bills quarterly utility bills (water and sewer charges), real property taxes, and other various miscellaneous charges and receipts. The Village Treasurer’s Office is responsible for recording the collection of all other revenues, e.g., fees, recreation fees, permits, etc. The Village Treasurer’s Office processes payroll for Village employees and pays all bills to vendors for purchased goods and services.

The Treasurer’s Office is also responsible for the village payment of all village expenditures and maintains compliance with the Village’s Investment, Procurement, and other financial policies.

The Village Treasurer reports periodically to the Village Board of Trustees and handles the periodic issuance of debt (bonds and notes). In addition to periodic audits by the New York State Comptroller Office, the financial statements of the Village are periodically audited by Marvin H. Nyman CPA.

Important dates: 
Village taxes are due in January

Town taxes are due in January

School taxes are due in September

Tax Lien Sale is the 3rd Friday in November

Final date to pay outstanding water and sewer charges: November

Water and sewer charges are due quarterly (January, April, July, October)

MS4 (municipal separate storm sewer systems) Reports