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Building Department

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The Building Department is responsible for issuing the required building permits, and checking that the design and execution of construction work meets the requirements of the Building Code of N.Y. State. Upon completion, the appropriate Certificate of Occupancy will be issued. To clarify some common misconceptions, building permits are required for any construction, including finished basements, pools (both in-ground and above ground), sheds over 144 square feet, and fences. Sheds that are smaller than 144 square feet are still subject to location, setback, and spacing requirements as set forth in the Village Zoning Code. All completed work must be covered by a Certificate of Occupancy. The potential sale or refinancing of your property may be stopped due to the lack of an appropriate Certificate of Occupancy. If you have any questions or concerns, we are available to review your property files with you.

Along with issuing building permits, the Building Department is responsible for conducting violation searches. A violation search is often performed at the request of a title company in response to refinancing or sale of a home. The Building Department records are checked against the property to verify that no work has been done without the required building permit. Additionally, we check various items at the property, including smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire separation between the garage and living space, boiler and water heater pressure relief discharge pipes, swimming pool safety barrier requirements, deck railings, and guards. We also inspect the overall condition and maintenance of the property. Following a satisfactory violation search, the Building Department will issue a “no violation” letter and provide copies of Certificates of Occupancy.