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our Village Hall is abiding by all rules set forth by New York State on Pause

Please know that although our Village Hall is abiding by all rules set forth by New York State on Pause, we continue working. Personally, I am in the office every day. Staff members come in on a rotation schedule otherwise they are working from home. I am contact via phone and email with all board members as well as professionals. I attended a planning meeting at the site of our water filtration system this past Tuesday and thankfully, work will begin within the next two to three weeks. This has been a long and arduous process and I thank everyone for their patience and understanding. As you are aware, water usage has been at an all-time high due to New York State on Pause causing our water quality to drastically decrease. Our water operator is doing his absolute best to keep everyone with water and sometimes that means adding water from our lower system to our upper system or vice versa. In order to do this, the water moves through the pipes in the opposite direction than it usually does and the sediment that lines the pipes is disturbed which causes water discoloration. It has been a tough balancing act, but it beats the alternative of no water at all. My own home is affected by this, so I absolutely share in your frustration and aggravation. Although it is costly (we have spent over $25k so far), we have been trucking in water and we will continue to do so otherwise our supply would never come close to meeting our demand. I am hopeful that FEMA monies can be used to recover at least some of the cost. We are also actively pursuing additional water sources for the village.

I am proud to announce we have negotiated and signed contract extensions for snow removal and highway services at a 0% increase in rates.

We have received our first quarter sales tax check from Orange County which was up almost 6% from our first quarter check from 2019. We are apprehensive as are all other small municipalities in the state to see what our second quarter check brings. Sales tax is a large part of our budget every year and a short second quarter will significantly affect revenue side of our village’s financial plan. I am hopeful that Congress will approve the stimulus package COVID relief monies for state and local governments in order to bridge the gap that will surely be left in our budget.

Please stay safe and thank you to everyone for maintaining the social distancing protocol. I am proud to state that we have had very few incidents brought to our attention over the last week. Please continue to maintain social distancing protocol which includes keeping your nose and mouth covered with a mask when in public.