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New Water Filtration System

The Village of South Blooming Grove will be implementing a new water filtration system to alleviate high iron and manganese. The project will be officially unveiled at the village’s April 8th board meeting which will take place at the South Blooming Grove Firehouse at 7pm. The residents of South Blooming Grove have been dealing with discolored water for years. The discoloration occurs when the elements found in the water are mixed with chlorine which is a necessity in all public drinking water. Although the water is deemed safe to drink, its light brown appearance makes it aesthetically unappealing.

“The Village of South Blooming Grove Consolidated water district is segmented into two separate water service areas. The southern portion of the Village including Worley Heights is served by both the Worley Well field and O&R Well, with the primary water supply coming from the O&R well. This water supply well is equipped with a filtration system to remove the dissolved iron and manganese prior to sending the water into the distribution system. The Merriewold wellfield, consisting of three bedrock wells, generally provides water to the northern portion of the village water district. During periods of high demand, the two separate systems are each capable of supplying water to the other service area. Recent water quality testing of the two of the wells at the Merriewold wellfield shows elevated levels of dissolved iron and manganese in the water supply. The village is proposing to construct a new filtration system at the Merriewold wellfield, similar to that at the O&R well to remove the iron and manganese from the raw water prior to it being sent to distribution. This treatment facility will include the construction of a new building to house the filtration system, as well as the construction of new disinfection facilities and pumping units,” said Mike Weeks, of McGoey, Hauser and Edsall Consulting Engineers.
Mayor James LoFranco has been exhausting all avenues trying to secure grant money for this project. “Our villagers have waited long enough for clean water. We all deserve to turn on our faucets and have clean, drinkable water fill our glasses. I have been working with Senator Skoufis and his predecessor, Senator Larkin as well as Assemblyman Colin Schmitt on a New York State grant for this project but frankly, even if the state does not deem this project worthy of funding, the village will move forward on the filtration system. It is going to be costly but the Village of South Blooming Grove deserves a permanent fix to this problem which has been troubling the village for years now.”